About Us

Trinity Medical Centre was established in 2016 and is a leading provider of one-stop supreme healthcare services. Combining advanced technology and a dedicated team of healthcare specialists, Trinity Medical Centre offers a wide range of services, including health assessments, imaging services in MRI, CT, mammography and ultrasounds and many more. The professional team comprises of GPs, specialists, and other healthcare professionals, who work collaboratively to best serve patient needs.

Trinity Medical Centre is situated in the hearts of both Central and Tsim Sha Tsui and both branches comprise of over 20,000 square feet. Trinity Medical centre is dedicated to improving the health of the people and communities it serves by offering premier quality health care services with Compassion, Professionalism and Integrity.

Patients come first at Trinity Medical Centre and are cared for with attentiveness and compassion. Patients are offered privacy with designated private waiting areas, personal changing rooms and women are also invited to enjoy the exclusive women's area.

Trinity Medical Centre has an established team of radiologists, radiographers, registered nurses and clinic assistants who work together to provide premium services to patients. Imaging reporting is done in a professional, efficient and timely manner. Because of its level of professionalism, Trinity Medical Centre is the preferred choice of many doctors and health practitioners.

Trinity Medical Centre aims to serve all patients and the community with the best services and upholds integrity as a core value of providing ethical healthcare.

Trinity's Strength

  1. State-of-the-art medical equipment, operated by a team of internationally trained and certified healthcare professionals.
  2. Accredited by statutory bodies and authorities of Hong Kong, ensuring the highest standards of healthcare, safety and privacy.
  3. Our doctors, who are trained in world-renowned institutions, together with premier medical technologies, will strive to provide the best diagnostics and treatments that may not be available in mainland China.
  4. One of the few exclusive partners of Mayo Clinic of the United States.
  5. Our genetic laboratory, Invitae, an internationally certified laboratory, provides highly accurate genetic testing, with concordance rate of 99.8% for BRCA mutations. This is invaluable for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer risk assessment.
  6. Whole Exome Sequencing by Baylor Genetics is able to evaluate 22,000 genes that can lead to genetic disorders.
  7. Video consultations with experts at the Peking Union Medical College Hospital.